Race Report: Ironman Cozumel 2016/Ville

Tough day…and a long one but I have to be happy and proud about my performance. Result was not what I was going for but the decisions I made during the race were solid and this was the best I could do on race day with the ...


Race Report: Alp d’Huez Long Course, Sanna & Ville

Long Course and a long day. The idea of doing this race has been with us at least a year and we were planning to register at this on January. I was not even given the chance to register myself because Sanna enrolled as ...

Race Report: Finntriathlon Joroinen

Race Report: Finntriathlon Joroinen by Thunder Thighs (Relay)

Our "fun" race for the Summer is done. Thankfully this is a hobby and we can categorize everything under "fun" with this stuff. Background Me and Sanna thought that this year would be suitable for skipping the ...